Buying Liquidated Office Equipment


Buying office equipment can be an expensive endeavor.  With large size copy machines costing at least $5,000 and computers running about $500 per shot, it can be quite costly to equip the office with the right equipment.  There is, however, an alternative to buying costly equipment – purchasing liquidated equipment.  Liquidated equipment, if purchased right, can save you thousands of dollars, especially if you need to set-up a new office.  That’s because liquidated equipment often times comes from companies that are going out of business.  In other words, you can find some real good deals even on fairly new equipment.  The trick is to find these companies that are selling their liquidated equipment.  Read our tips below on how to best find these companies. 


The Internet is king

Like with most things today, the Internet is king when searching for something that you need.  It’s no different with finding liquidated office equipment.  Conduct an Internet search with search engine optimization, for “liquidated office equipment” and you’ll be surprised about how many hits you’ll get.  Some sites will even have pictures of their equipment so that you can get a better feel for its overall condition. 


The classifieds

The classifieds are also an important resource for finding liquidated office equipment.  Besides private companies that are going out of business, you’ll often times see ads for office equipment stores liquidating their stocks., with usually hefty discounts. 


Public auctions

Check the business or finance sections of your local newspapers for public auctions.  You can find some real good deals at these auctions, and often times a good selection of equipment.  That’s because these auction dealers have already scoured the area for liquidated equipment.  In other words, they do the work for you – all you need to do is show up with checkbook in hand.  What’s great about these auctions is that you can actually see the pieces of equipment, as opposed to buying something off the Internet. 


Cold call businesses

If you hear about some companies that are going out of business (i.e. retail stores, wholesalers), then cold call and ask if they will be selling their office equipment.  This way you’ll be one step ahead of the competition when the company decides to liquidate their merchandise. 



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